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duke nukem forever mac

I would love to say "Duke Nukem Forever is the eagerly awaited latest game of the Duke Nukem franchise and is now available on MAC", but, well, how long can someone be eager for? How long can you wait? It took an unheard of 14 years of development to get to the PC and after a few months has now been released for OS X.

If you're a lover of FPS shooters on the Mac you can finally go out and grab a game with gratuitous use of scantily clad females and innuendo with graphics many call "last generation" (ie a little dated), but, if you want Duke and you've got Mac, now you can go get it from Steam.

Duke Nukem Forever available natively for Apple Mac users here: Steam Duke Nukem Mac.

Screenshots of Duke on the Mac after the break...


How many platforms do you have? How many games are ther out there? With so many different games and platforms out there it can be tough finding the best one for you. The smart lads who bought you one of the internets finest computer gaming strip cartoons have come up with a way to make deciding on your next game purchase much easier with an Apple iOS app.


Danger Next Door: Miss Teri Tale's Adventure

Monty, your friend and neighbor has been murdered! Miss Teri Tale must to solve the case! Ivestigating the crime scene and paying close attention to the details. Using her unique powers she can dive into Monty`s memories, penetrate his subconscious. In "Danger Next Door: Miss Teri Tale's Adventure" for Apple Mac OS X Game you get to  find clues and solve fun-filled enigmas while exploring photo-realistic Hidden Object scenes. Solve the crime and discover the Danger Next Door!

Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba

Now only three things stand between you and your children -- a jungle teeming with unbtold danger, the ruins of an ancient Mayan tribe and of course a band of thugs. Your not going to let any of them stop you. Are you? You are Joan Jade, archeologist of the year and mother extraordinaire, as she searches for Hidden Objects, solves mind-melting puzzles and beats one ingenious minigame after another in Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba!



You may yet know it, but you've been waiting for Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment to release the Unreal-engine powered title Infinity Blade to iOS devices. It's apparently scheduled for this holiday season. Infinity Blade is an action-RPG sword fighting adventure for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It unveiled at Apple's Special Event last month in San Francisco and fully utilizes Epic's Unreal Engine 3.


ChessWorks 2

ChessWorks 2. Download the abandoneware for Apple Mac OS 9 from macintosh garden. This is a customisable chess game for older Apple mac OS's (older tha OS X) featuring online play.

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LEGO Universe

“[The LEGO Universe game is] really about the creative mind shaping the universe around us — shaping a pile of bricks into something meaningful is an expression of this idea,” says the creative director Ryan Seabury. He calls LEGO “a language all its own,” one you’ll become highly fluent in after spending time in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game.


Game screenshot

Here is a nice little abandoneware 3d Arcade / Realtime Strategy game of biplane dogfighting with support for up to 3 players. The goal is to guide your team of biplanes to victory over two other teams. All planes in the game are controlled by identical auto-pilot mechanisms - each individual pilot is as skillful and each plane as tough as the next one, you can change the outcome of the conflict only by changing the targets and behavioral patterns of your team members at timely moments to eke out a tactical advantage over the opposing forces.

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Kings Smith game for Apple Mac OS X

Be the Kings Smith. Follow in your grandfather’s footsteps and learn the great art of blacksmithing! Work your way to the top to become the King’s Smith in this engaging Time Management game. Journey around a kingdom and visit many strange locations, encounter various people, discover hidden bonuses, and learn new abilities that help you upgrade your armor and equipment. Can you fulfill your dreams and become a King's personal blacksmith? There can be only one!

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