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OK, a more recent game, abandoned by Aspyr in 2005.

It's an expansion pack for the insanely great Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. Aspyr (the Mac developers) got this to "Final Candidate" status in Feb 2005. But they or the publishers, NovaLogic, pulled it in August 2005 (or put it on "indefinite hold")


It’s not exactly the same thing as freeware, but abandonware is indeed free — and there’s a ton of it at Macintosh Garden.

This amazing site first came to our attention when we linked to a game called Desert Trek, which appears to be the inspiration for a more recent game


A survey reveals what many suspected in gaming circles: Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have surpassed Sony PSP as a gaming platform in the United States and have almost caught up with Nintendo's DS.




You just know that there's trouble brewing for a product when their ads stop touting its features and start pointing out the perceived faults of a competitor's wares. If you're looking for an example, you needn't look any




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Nokia's been through their ups and downs throughout the past year.  And what better way to get back in the game then by slamming your competition?


Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have claimed a substantially larger part of the mobile gaming market than Sony’s PSP, and are quickly gaining on Nintendo’s DS and DSi. About 40.1 million iOS device users in the U.S. are into mobile gaming, while only 18 million play games on the PSP.

EVE Online for MAC

EVE Online’s planets have always provided appealing eye candy, but now they offer a key strategic purpose: the Tyrannis expansion lets you and your friends harvest resources from the game’s 60,000-plus worlds. No two globes are alike, and those in low-security space offer the greatest rewards, albeit with high risks attached. Plan your colonies well to get the most out of your extracting and processing facilities.



Out of the Park Baseball

Get ready for another season of home runs, strikeouts, and calls of “Hey, batta, batta” in the latest version of Out of the Park Baseball. Improvements in OOTP 11 include the most robust drafting system the game has yet offered, dynamically evolving historical leagues, owner personalities, and much more. All of the 2010 Major League Baseball and minor league rosters are included, so now you can get started right away. As Annie Savoy said in “Bull Durham,” by way of paraphrasing Walt Whitman: “I see great things in baseball.”


The Sims 3: Ambitions Apple mac ghost hunting

In "The Sims 3: Ambitions", your favorite avitars will be able to embark on the career of their dreams: firefighter, ghost hunter, investigator, stylist, doctor, architectural designer, or even a self-employed entrepreneur slicing their own path through the capitalism jungle. For the first time, you can follow them at work, thrilling as they rescue Sims from burning buildings or capture poltergeists. Ambitions also brings new inventing and sculpting skills to the The Sims 3, lets you mark your Sims with elaborate tattoos, and serves up a new town, Twinbrook.


Team Fortress 2 for Apple Mac screenshot

“Good art direction doesn’t just look good, it should also solve functional problems for your players,” says Robin Walker, the co-creator for Team Fortress 2. Walker and his fellow developers created a unique team-based first-person shooter with a cast of colorful characters, a back story involving world domination, and enough achievements to attain and game modes to master to keep you playing for a long time. And if you stumble across a gameplay trick Valve didn’t necessarily intend, don’t worry: “We like to reward players for being creative,” Walker says.


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